Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Friday.

Happy Friday to everyone. I wish everyone a happy weekend! I am going to keep this short and sweet because I am very tired. I wore a mix of purples and pinks today. I wore my lovely light pink shorts from Zara and a top from H&M that I got on sale for $5. Still can't believe it. I love this top but I truly dislike wearing it with jeans because it is just too boring. Today I decided to pull out my pink shorts and tights a much better alternative than wearing jeans and in my opinion so much more comfortable. I am a little upset because the boots I wore today have holes in the bottom of them and my feet got terribly wet. Hopefully once I make some money I will be able to afford a new pair in a different style most likely. 

On the plus side the weather  is supposed to be quite nice during the week next week so I should be able to get outside a little bit longer to take photos. That makes me more excited than anything because taking photos inside is absolutely dreadful! :)

(Outfit details: Top- H&M, Shorts- Zara, Tights-unknown, 
Boots- Charlotte Russe, Scarf- Unknown, Necklace- Target)


I will do my best to return comments and follow your blogs as well!

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