Monday, November 1, 2010

Now that is dedication.

Another busy week lies ahead! I can not wait until it is Thanksgiving break and I can go home and relax a little. For now I have three busy weeks ahead. It s getting harder and harder to take outdoor photos but I battled the cold and bundled up to take photos in the woods. It was really hard and I tried to go really quick. The only other downside is that you only get to see a part of my outfit because I have it covered with coats, gloves, and a scarf. 

Nothing is more perfect in the winter than a chic black pea coat. I absolutely love mine because it is the one jacket I can always turn to that matches any look. Though I do love my other two jackets this one is always great. I layered my pink ruffle dress under another Paris t-shirt. It was nice way to make the dress more casual for a lazy Monday. I also wore my large grey circle scarf from AA. I want to purchase another one of these scarves in a different color. They keep my neck so warm and if needed my ears and face as well! Matched with that were my grey boots and some black tights of course. I really need to start mixing up my legwear! I keep throwing on black tights over and over again! I have some new jeans to wear once my bruises are fully healed on my knees! Thanks for reading! :)

(Outfit details: dress- thrifted, Paris t-shirt- Heritage 1981, 
Coat- Rue 21, Tights- Unknown, 
Boots- Charlotte Russe, Scarf- American Apparel)


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