Friday, March 5, 2010

Blazer days and busy days.

I love blazers! You just recently saw my orange-y/gold colored blazer I bought at Goodwill and now today I am wearing a black blazer from Goodwill. The blazer I am wearing today is actually from Express! It was marked down at Goodwill for $10 I couldn't resist the fantastic deal! I am wearing it with a white tank, purple cords, black socks, and white keds. I love this outfit! I don't know why but I love pants when they are just a little bit rolled up at the ankles, today I did that to show off my black socks! I also really love this H&M chain necklace. I think it gives my look a sort of edgy feel!

Last night I finished about 12 pages of my book. I haven't decided whether I should try to crank out an enire book this year or write a book over my four years of college. I am thinking writing a book over the four years would be much more interesting to see how things change and evolve. But I also think that it might be too long of a period. But I don't know I will have to take things into consideration I guess.

I am having a great day today! My 8AM class was cancelled giving me time to get breakfast, and take a short break before my 10AM class. In that class I got a 90 on my practice test for Mondays regular test! And in my 12 o'clock class we pretty much just had a discussion on how to construct a Genogram/family tree thing! And now I am done for the day! Soon I will get lunch and then hang out for the rest of the night. I was considering going out tonight but I have to wake up at 8AM tomorrow! Maybe tomorrow night, I guess i'll figure that out tomorrow. I have such a busy weekend and I am sure i'll share more details with you after tomorrow is over! Hopefully i'll have time to take photos! Have a good weekend everyone! :)


  1. i love your blazer and not bad for the price!
    follow my blog too...

  2. loving ur jeans and shoes! pls visit my page if u have time, i passed an award to u.=)

  3. Love this look! The blazer is amazing and I love the shoes. But the necklace is my favourite :)

    Love, Diana


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