Monday, March 8, 2010

Sun, where have you been?

The sun is out for what feels like the first time in months! It has been so sunny and bright all weekend. Enough to make anyone happy! I hope this week goes by quick so that home comes quick! I also hope the weather is alright on friday so that my ride can actually get here! I am hoping there will be no more worries of snow, just worries of rain when driving. I have a fairly busy week leading me to believe that it will go by pretty quick! Today I have classes til 1 then meetings later on tonight. Tomorrow I have classes til 1:15, and an evening activity to go to for a class, wed. is going to be laundry day (woo!), and thursdays is classes and meetings at night, then friday class and home! It feels like monday is already over so that is a good sign!

Today I decided to wear a bright blue dress in honor of Spring! I also paired it with grey tights instead of the usual black to brighten up the outfit. I did however wear my black boots because of lack of any other shoes to wear. I feel like I can't break out the good shoes until after all the snow melts! But anyways this outfit always makes me feel sophisticated and happy. The blue is a surprisingly uplifting color! I love the cut of this dress because the u-shaped neckline has a little elastic giving it some spice, and the ruffle sleeves are great! Plus the length is absolutely perfect! :)

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