Sunday, March 14, 2010

Power outage.

The power outage set me back. No good post for today because 1. I look like a mess because I couldn't shower. and 2. I couldn't get on the internet because of the lack of power. But I will just say that I am now back at school and I hung up our Spring/Easter decorations and they make me so happy! It is also gonna be really nice out this week so I am looking forward to it! Plus, flash forward is on this week and the fashion show is next weekend. Overall the week should go by fairly quickly meaning that we will be a week closer to spring break and Easter!

I figured I would leave you with a few pictures I took while I was in france. I was there my junior year of high school over spring break for a week and it was tons of fun. I want to go back and I am sure I will at some point in my life.

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