Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ruffled button up.

Today I wore a button up shirt dress from Delias. I have had this dress for a while but rarely wore it because it is so large. I belted it today to give it some shape with a brown belt that came with another dress I bought a while back. I wore black tights, and black boots! I ended up switching to my new boots after I took my blog pictures! They are plain black leather boots with a small wedge. This dress is really comfy, it has pockets which I love, and the detail ruffles at the top are so cute.

I am done with the two tests I had today. I can't wait to see what I got! Tomorrow I have an art history quiz but I am not too worried. Tonight I will study for the and look over my economics notes because I now know that I need to stay ahead to do well on the next test! I also might try to start writing a little for my book but we'll see. I have a full schedule for the rest of the day with dinner and going to the gym! Phew, thank goodness for full days. I can't believe tomorrow is going to be thursday! Before we know it Spring break will be here! :)

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