Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pink Dots.

Today I had to do laundry so I didn't have much of a choice as to what to wear. I really wanted to wear pants today so that I could be comfortable while taking my tests. These black pants were all I had left. I wore them with a plain blue shirt layered over a white cami. I also through on a pink polka dot scarf to spice up my look a little.
I am done with my two big tests that I have been worrying about. I feel so relieved! I think I did pretty good on them. I will definately start studying much more than usual for my tests. I know I have the potential to do well, and I really need to get good grades if I want to transfer in the future. Thankfully I don't have much hw/tests or anything for the rest of the week. I am probably going to go home this weekend so I can see my family! That makes me happy though as I have said before I feel bad for going home so often. I severly want to clean and go through my clothes and shoes. That is what I will work on the rest of the night after my laundry is done. I also really want some fruit! Unfortunatly they don't have much fruit here! I can't wait to be home for spring break after next week. Real food and good fruit and vegetables!

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