Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Plain & Simple with the new boots.

I am so excited to finally wear my new boots. I have been waiting for the perfect day and it is finaly here! I am wearing them with a plain outfit consisiting of a plain white tee and some jeans. I think the boots speak for themselves. I love the heel on the boots because they give me height and they are just comfortable enough to be able to wear around campus. It is so beautiful outside today, I am definately loving this nice weather!

I don't have much of a busy day today. I will do some homework later and get dinner with a friend later on tonight. But besides that I will mostly just be hanging out and taking wonderous walks outside! I experimented alot with sitting down photos this time for a change. I like the sitting poses because they give the photo a relaxed sort of personal feel! :)

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  1. "I thinkthe boots really speak for themselves" Couldn't agree more. And wearing them over the jean it's makes them look even better.

    Great choice of boots you bought bella :)

    Your wardrove must love you.



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