Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ruffles & Flowers.

I must say I am in love with this purple dress! I love the ruffles at the bottom and the flowers along the neckline. It is a perfect dress for this time of year because it is knit, yet sleeveless (perfect for layering), and just the right color. I love this purple because its great for the winter to spring transition. I am thinking it will be too hot to wear this dress much over the summer so I wanted to wear it at least one more time before it gets warm. But who knows it could be another month before it gets warm in Oneonta. Though the weather is looking fairly promising with temperatures in the 40's this weekend!

I started the first chapter of my book! As of now I have two pages which is like nothing but I figure I will work one chapter at a time and keep adding more and more to the chapter as I go along. I never know what to write about I don't want the book to be boring so I just am writing a little here and there about what I think is important. My issue is that I don't have enough interesting stuff! My life is fairly plain and simple, there isn't much too it! I am definitely going to write more later so i'll keep you updated on where I am at! :)


  1. I think purple might be your color! you look super cute =D

  2. very cute! you're writing a book? that's very cool, good luck :)


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