Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Plain & Simple.

I had an awesome combination of dress with layers today but the wind totally threw me off! I can't wear the dress I wanted to in the wind because I would expose myself to the entire campus! Not good. So I woke up this morning and tried to find an awesome outfit to wear but all I could pull together was this because I didn't want to wear any of the shirts I had! So I ended up pulling together my jeans, gray boots, and this sweatshirt from Forever 21 in a pretty awesome color. I also through on my black scarf from H&M for extra warmth. I can't believe we had snow this morning when I woke up. Thankfully it is all gone now because the sun is out and it warmed up a tad. But the wind is still making it freezing! I hope it is nicer tomorrow so that I can wear something more chic!

I get my economics test back tomorrow and I am more than nervous. If I didn't pass I may have to withdraw from the class. I am so nervous for my grades this semester. It really scares me at how hard my classes are this semester versus last semester. I know my GPA will go down. But as long as I have more than a 3.0 I will be set. History and economics are really killing me. I am afraid I will end up getting two C's. :( I am really starting to freak myself out over grades and all I want is a break. I am so happy to go home for break soon. I don't have any more tests until I get back so after tomorrow I will finally be able to breathe again. Well as long as I pass my test. I am sure you will hear all about it tomorrow! But for now have an awesome day! :)

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