Thursday, April 1, 2010

Break break break!

I cannot wait til I can start taking pictures outside while I am home. Unfortunately while I am here at school I have to take my pictures inside! But once the summer hits and probably over next week I will try to take some outdoor photos. My crappy indoor pictures are very disappointing and being able to go outside will I think make my pictures a lot better! Well tomorrow I finally go home for break! I am very excited. Unfortunately tonight I have to finish packing. I NEVER know what to bring home. I wish I could bring everything well all my clothes but I can't! I feel like I have much to do later so I am gonna get finished up here. I apologize for my boring outfit! I wanted to wear my navy sneakers that I recently received from my grandma and the only way I could work that out and between clothes that I packed to bring home was this look! I will have many great looks next week I hope! :)

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