Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things are crazy.

It is so crazy to think that some days I can only capture a few good photos and then other days such as today I have 12 photos which I could not choose from. Therefore I will be showing you all 12 photos! I think some days I am just much more in the mood to take lots of photos in different postitions and angles. Much like today I moved all around my little dorm room to get a great photo. But anyways, todays look is composed of a great green skirt which I purchased from the kids section at Target! The best thing about being small enough to shop the kids section is the prices! I also wore my circle tights which I love, and a white tank and black sweater. I also wore my white sneakers for a more casual look then throwing on a pair of flats.

I have two big tests tomorrow! One in U.S. History and the other in Family Perspectives. I am thinking that the family perspectives test will be very easy and the other one I am studying for so much that I think I will be able to do good. I need to do good on my History Test because I need it to bring up my average. I have been studying every day and I think I will be able to pull off a good grade. Only 15 days til I get to go home for a weekend. I am much looking forward to this weekend and being able to relax for a few days! :)

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  1. SJ! I totally want to call dibs on some of your time in 14 or so days when you're home for the weekend!


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