Friday, April 30, 2010

Le Sac & Spidey.

It was gorgeous outside today and I had the opportunity to take my photo's outside at my mothers office. They came out great and I am happy to share them. It was such a long day today. I had my classes then I was picked up and I went to my mothers office before getting my hair cut (just a trim) and then I came back here just to eat pizza and then go out with my brother and his girlfriend! It was a good day.

Well today I wore the American Apparel Le Sac dress which I adore along with my spider web tights and some flats. I did wear a sweater because it was windy. I love this dress because you can wear it so many different ways but tying the enormously long straps in different formations! :)


  1. I love how you tied the black straps on the dress, it looks great! And I need some tights like yours so badly!

    Happy Saturday Isabella :)

  2. SJ! This is one of your most amazing posts to date. You look gorgeous, girl! :) <3


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