Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pumpkin Pie.

I just realized how fall my color choices are today. Usually brown and dark green are fall colors when the leaves are starting to fall off the trees. Well now it is spring and I am still wearing those colors. Oh well! I wore a tad of white to brighten it up! I am more than excited that my boyfriend is coming this weekend to spend some time here with me! Also this weekend is OH fest which is a sort of carnival/fair/concert thing we have here. Too bad I can't get too excited until tomorrow is over. I have an economics test tomorrow at 8 AM, I am going to a review class later today and am spending countless hours memorizing stuff about governmen't securities, the federal reserve bank, and exchange rates. Sounds like fun right? Not at all! Hope you have a great day! :) Only a few more days left to vote in my poll!


  1. Hi! :)

    First of all: I love the jacket! It's a perfect caramel brown. And I wish you luck for your test!

    AND (thre ands don't stop) I just want to let you know that I pass on the Happy 10 Blog Award to you. See my recent post for further details :)



  2. As Carina said, that jacket is lovely and the caramel brown color is astonishing and I'm sure it will match well with your brown boots.

    Best of lucks with your econmics exam tomorrow.



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