Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I love my primary colors.

I am very excited to wear this dress today because it is beautiful outside and this dress is basically brand new. I think I wore it once last summer and I am excited to wear it many a time this summer. I had a test today that I didn't do so great on. But I am going to work much harder for the next one and my other two tests on friday. I will be spending my solid block from 2-5 in the library. I think I might start doing that every day! It is very peaceful and I can get so much work done. Also this way I am done before dinner. But anyways I love the colors in this dress, they are unlike anything else I own because I am not a huge fan of the primary colors. I am glad I ended up getting this dress because it adds some variety into my wardrobe. I wore a black sweater because it still is a little chilly and some black flats. :)


  1. It's BEAUTIFUL in Oneonta???

  2. Lovin the dress! Great item for spring:D

  3. Oh how cuteee is the dress! Been on your blog before and wondering why I'm not a follower yet. Will change this ;)


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