Monday, April 26, 2010

A little bit strange.

I decided to wear someting out of my ordinary idea of great looks today. I decided to tuck in these pants and belt them. I never was really into the high waisted look but I have really got into the habit of tucking in my shirts and wearing a belt. I also decided to roll the bottom of my pants and wear a pair of short heels which I purchased in France a few years ago. I wore my Paris tunic tucked in and a blue with white polka dot silk scarf. I usually wouldn't wear something like this but I am really enjoying it today. It reminds me of something from a Parisian magazine but a little bit more young. Today is the last day for my poll. There is only a few hours left and we might be stuck in a tie. If there happens to be a tie I will start another poll with just those two options. We will see what happens! One last thing, I got my history test back and received a 96 I am more than happy for that grade. Also got an 84 on my other test for a different class I am very pleased with those scores! :)

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  1. I LOVE your Paris shirt! I love Paris in general :)
    really cute scarf too! And I loved reading your Happy 10 list (I'm a bit late reading it, I know, but now I did)! Have a lovely day :)


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